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Cookie Policy datformatie® B.V.

We use cookies

Cookies are temporary text files that your computer, tablet or smartphone stores when you visit our website. datformatie® B.V. uses cookies to understand how you use our website and which services you find interesting. There are different types of cookies, we use, functional, analytical and marketing cookies.

Functional cookies

To make our website work optimally, we use functional cookies. These store your website preferences and are saved for use when you next visit our website.

Analytical cookies

With analytical cookies we collect information about the use of our website and see which information you find useful or unnecessary.

Marketing cookies

(performance, affiliate and tracking cookies)

Using performance cookie, we measure how successful our ads are. With affiliate cookie, we calculate the appropriate commission for other websites offering our services. Finally, tracking cookies help us understand whether you are interested in any of our products. This allows us to show you a great offer while browsing. After the expiry date, cookies will automatically be deleted from your computer. It is possible to manually delete cookies at an earlier time or disable the storage of cookies on your computer. You can do this through your browser settings. Select the help function of your browser (the F1 button on your keyboard) or check the help pages of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft to see how to do this.

Due to new legislation or other circumstances, we will update our cookie statement from time to time. This page always shows the latest version. The last change took place on december 10,  2023